Amore Tea single estate teas and blends are an empowering essence for mind, body and soul, allowing you access to a sensory experience and nature’s healing power any time of the day. Every tea is created in harmony with your body and the environment, made with tea, herbs and essences harvested in the environment where their soul speaks.  

We are super passionate about quality Specialty tea that has been sustainably sourced around the world in harmony and unity. If you are equally passionate and interested in working with us, taking your customers on a sensory adventure through tea rituals from our internationally curated specialty loose leaf tea collection then you are in the right place. 

Our range covers a premium selection of Aged, Dark, Black, Oolong, Green & Yellow, White and Wildflower Healing Teas and Tisanes, sustainably sourced from the finest single origin and single estate plantations from around the world. 

Each Amore Tea is stylishly presented in our Signature Tea tubes, ideal for hospitality service and retail sales. Refill pouches are also available as required.

If you have a retail venue that attracts health conscious people,  or Retail Department Stores, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Restaurants, Gift & Homewares Stores, Gourmet shops and cafes, we would love to hear from you!

Please submit your information via email to hello@amoretea.com.au