Your Journey

That goal might not be something you can start today. But the journey? That’s something you can start right now. There are improvements you can make to your daily habits, all while putting you on a path to achieving that goal. Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

The Drishti

Living with diligence and focus is not a personality type — it’s a skill. And since it’s a skill, it means you can learn it.

Therefore using a gazing technique, The Dishti, that develops our focus and concentration by a steady gaze, it transcends what’s seen of the outside world, to illuminate the world within.


Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds and exhale. Feel yourself drop into the wisdom of your heart. Yoga is the union between body and mind, between yourself and the Universe. Find your Yoga by looking inward, and we promise, you will find it.


Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds and exhale. Feel yourself drop into the wisdom of your heart!

At T-Yoga we practice Chair and Mat Yoga to intentionally bring mindful awareness to the practice.  We mindfully attend to the body both in stillness and in movement. We focus on traditional yogic practices, where there is more of a focus on the the mind-body connection and less on the exact posture achieved or obtaining the ‘perfect’ pose. This mindfulness transforms movement and yoga into a form of meditation.

Classes are run by a qualified yoga instructor Teresa Carbone. Teresa is a 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, LV Chair Yoga instructor, and Reiki and Ashati Practitioner, combined with more than 5 professional years experience practising yoga both in Australia and overseas, and 15 years of attendance prior to this. 

She facilitates group and one on one sessions in yogic practices, meditation and breathing techniques. These practices are a renewal of energy. She works with the physical, mental and energetic bodies. She also incorporates some Chinese acupressure and weighted chair yoga as taught by LV Chair Yoga Australia.

Her  journey into the world of yoga was inspired by her desire to learn more about stress release and to help her with her own journey and challenges. Combining yoga with meditation and mindfulness, Teresa is an advocate for the power of yoga in enhancing everyday performance, providing mental clarity and preventing injury. Training in yogic practices taught her the dynamic exchange of breath and its ability to harmonise our experience. She believes the symbiosis of different traditional techniques creates a stream to freedom in the mind-body connection.

The classes foster a sense of belonging that will allow you to safely challenge your perceived physical and mental limitations through your yoga practice.

Students comment on how much more relaxed they feel. All abilities and methods are welcome. She adjusts the postures to meet the ever changing needs of the students. The classes are caring and the teachings precise and quiet.

"Teresa believes the student already knows the answers and the work of the teacher is to assist in this discovery - reminding us to turn inward, focus on our breath, and return to our hearts.