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Our Story begins with Single Estate Teas and blends that are an empowering essence for mind, body and soul, allowing you access to a sensory experience and nature’s healing power any time of the day. 

Every tea is created with tea, herbs and essences harvested in the environment where their soul speaks to support you inner journey towards greater wholeness and self-awareness, activating and aligning you with your inner wisdom.

Whether you take it white, black or green – this drink is thousands of years old and enjoyed by millions. The second most consumed beverage in the world. While this is a life source for all its workers, the sector is seeped with poor wages and inadequate working conditions, a colonial legacy thats hard to shake. Therefore, we take great pride in where we source our tea and purchase organic and natural where possible. Our teas are ethically sourced and fairtrade. Ethical tea that transforms lives. Our tea helps empower farmers and workers around the world.

If you feel your business/company/organisation aligns with us, and you would like to collaborate with our brand, whether it be retail, wholesale, or other tea collaborations, we would be happy to hear from you.



Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

At T-Yoga we practice Chair and Mat Yoga to intentionally bring mindful awareness to the practice.  We mindfully attend to the body both in stillness and in movement. We focus on traditional yogic practices, where there is more of a focus on the the mind-body connection and less on the exact posture achieved or obtaining the ‘perfect’ pose.  This mindfulness transforms movement and yoga into a form of meditation.

Classes are run by a qualified yoga instructor Teresa Carbone. Teresa is a 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, LV Chair Yoga instructor, and Reiki and Ashati Practitioner, combined with more than 5 professional years experience practising yoga both in Australia and overseas, and 15 years of attendance prior to this. 

She facilitates group and one on one sessions in yogic practices, meditation and breathing techniques. These practices are a renewal of energy. She works with the physical, mental and energetic bodies. She also incorporates some Chinese acupressure and weighted chair yoga as taught by LV Chair Yoga Australia,

Young woman doing yoga in morning park for Relaxing . Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle.

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