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Gaia centres and grounds you in body, heart and mind. It radiates your light to the world as we connect through our Devine. Dip into your soul and explore your presence within, as you journey into awakening. – Teresa

Tea:  Aged Shou Mei White tea – autumn fruits | wildflowers | blossom honey

Awaken is a 2016 Aged Shou Mei compressed tea cake,  a style of White Tea that is grown in the Fujian province, China. The name translates to longevity, and has a combination of aromas that opens in the palate and transpires into a hypnotic sweet scent and lingering blossom honey aftertaste. The cake will be broken up and ready to serve.
Please note: The age of the cake will differ depending on availability.

The Journey: It radiates your light to the world and grounds you in body, heart and soul. It brings in a sense of belonging to our Mother Earth and opens, aligns and helps you transmute these changes in a safe and grounding way. It allows you to be more accepting of your changes on a deep spiritual level, through your third eye chakra, and helps you raise your consciousness and journey back home ‘to your true self‘.

Create a Ritual: Drink 1-2 cups daily for 21 days or more. At the end of the cycle, you can assess how deeply the healing has gone within, and whether it will be continued for a longer period. This is a typical cycle for emotional change, and it is recommended that you take the tea for at least this period of time to fully experience its impact. The flower essence often has a subtle beginning, which gradually becomes more obvious. The tea can be discontinued when you feel you have completely absorbed or consciously recognised the benefits which were intended from it or it can be enjoyed as a beverage.

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Aged White Tea (2016)


white tea, vibrational infusions of Gaia essence, purified water and brandy (0.02% alcohol).

Flower Essence

Gaia flower essence is for those who are ready to fully embark on their soul journey and connect through their Devine and Higher Self. It is a spiritually channelled essence and awakens one’s spirit, allowing you to go deeper into any religious or spiritual practice. It enhances access to the Higher Self, whilst providing psychic protection and healing of the aura.


60g tube, 5g taster (without essence)


Avoid heat, light and moisture


These statements do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please see your trusted healthcare provider for guidance.

Brew Guide

1. Place 1g tea per 30ml water.
2. Rinse before starting the infusion, rinse the leaves with a very fast washing in order to let them rehydrate and release a more intense brew.
3. Boil Water to 85-95℃ (Pref Filtered Water).
4. Brew tea for 40 seconds. Increase with each successive brew as needed. Remove tea.
5. Tea can be brewed up to 6-8 times.

1. Place 1 gr. of tea per 100 ml of water.
2. Boil Water to 85-95℃ (Pref Filtered Water).
3. Brew for 3 mins. Remove tea.
*Condiments are not advised.

Note: Gaiwan is our preferred brewing method.