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Amore Tea 603 is a legendary Eight Treasures tea and known for its healing qualities and known as Babaocha. It is made up of eight special ingredients, with each ingredient releasing its own unique flavour note, providing a perfect balance to a complex infusion. Every household has its own recipe, modifying it according to the season.

It is considered to have medicinal properties and health benefits in Chinese medicine. It is believed to bring the body back into balance by increasing body heat, promoting digestion, inducing appetite, relieving fatigue, promoting energy, circulation, tonifying the liver, stimulating blood production, and replenishing the ‘chi.’ The beverage was first used more than 2,000 years ago by people living along the ancient silk road to receive guests visiting from afar.

Please note: we have removed the rock sugar as we feel there is enough sweetness in the tea.

Origin: Sichuan Province, China
Cultivation: natural
Tasting Notes: golden sweet hues | floral | herbal

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

herbal infusion


Dried Longan, Chrysanthemum flowers, Rose blossoms, Tangerine peel, Jujubes, Goji berries, Raisins, (rock sugar removed).


50g Glassine Bag


Avoid heat, light and moisture


These statements do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please see your trusted healthcare provider for guidance.

Brewing Guide

1. Place 1 sample per gaiwan.
2. Boil Water to 100℃ (Pref Filtered Water).
3. Brew tea for 30-40 seconds. Increase with each successive brew as needed. Remove tea.
4. Tea can be brewed up to 10 times.

1. Place 1  sample per 50 ml of water.
2. Boil Water to 100℃
3. Brew for 4-5 mins. Remove tea.
*Condiments are not advised.

1. Place 1gr  tea per 100ml of water.
2. Place tea in room temperature water and steep for 6 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.