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Da Hong Pao is acquired from one of the six “Mother Tree” of Da hong Pao, that gives it an intense flavour, and the most exotic floral aroma; accompanied by roasted notes that linger in the mouth captivating the essence of Wuyishan. This unique sensory experience takes you on a journey full of spicy cinnamon notes, caramel, and sandalwood, where you will be mesmerised by this beautiful exotic flavour profile.

Origin: Wuyishan Zhengyan, Fujian China
Cultivation: natural / organic
Flavour Profile:  high roast  | caramel | sandalwood | cinnamon

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Oolong loose leaf tea


Oolong tea


50g Glassine bag DaHongPao, 5g sample DaHongPao


Avoid heat, light and moisture

Brewing Guide

1. Place 1g tea per 25ml water
2. Boil Water to 100℃ (Pref Filtered Water).
3. Brew tea for 10 seconds. Increase with each successive brew as needed. Remove tea.
4. Tea can be brewed up to 5 times or more.

1. Place 1 gr. of tea per 100 ml of water
2. Boil Water to 100℃ (Pref Filtered Water).
3. Brew for 3 mins. Remove tea.
*Condiments are not advised.

Note: Gaiwan is our preferred brewing method.