For up-to-date COVID-19 information and advice in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) please view here

To adhere to new  policies and procedures and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community, we must change how we interact with each other in class or session when we are together.

The health and safety of all participants in face-to-face classes or sessions is of the utmost importance. Therefore, new procedures and policies will be put into place in order to ensure the safety of all attendees, myself included. This responsibility is upon me and you equally. Therefore, all of us are expected to follow and adhere to these new protocols.

Please read the following, as part of your agreement, that you have read, understood and will adhere to these new procedures. Failure to do so could endanger others and ultimately result in you not attending future classes or sessions. If everyone does their part to maintain a safe environment, then we can all feel more at ease in class or session during our time together.

Participants in this document includes the instructor, therapist, and you, the student/participant.


To view up-to-date COVID-19 information and advice in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) please view here

The following restrictions will apply for studio classes;

  1. We will apply a one person per two square metres must be applied to any indoor areas of the business which are accessible to the public.
  2. No density limits apply to outdoor spaces which are accessible to the public.
  3. Classes will be limited in number to allow each person 2sqm of space, thus all students must register in advance to prevent overcrowding.
  4. All classes will either be taught in person or live-streamed via Zoom. The price will be the same as attending in person.
  5. Participants are to refrain from touching shared surfaces whenever reasonably possible in the studio.
  6. Shared surfaces such as doors, light switches, tables, and equipment are to be cleaned before and after each class.
  7. Alcohol-based sanitiser will be provided for common use.
  8. Disinfectant sprays will be provided for common use.
  9. Payments by credit card will be processed online only. Cash will no longer be accepted, although payments can be made via direct deposit.
  10. Each participant will bring their own equipment (yoga mat, chair, blocks, belt, blanket). Chairs will be provided for face to face classes.
  11. Hand washing facilities are available in each venue. Participants are encouraged to wash their hands before returning to class after visiting the facilities.
  12. Movement around the room during class should be kept to a minimum.
  13. Participants will enter and exit in an orderly manner to allow for adequate social distancing.
  14. A replacement teacher will be made available in the event that the instructor is showing symptoms of any illness. In the event that a replacement teacher cannot be found, classes will be conducted remotely via Zoom or cancelled and rescheduled.
  15. Participants should refrain from attending class if showing mild symptoms of illness, including (but not limited to) coughing, sneezing, fever. A participant may be asked to leave or wear a mask if these symptoms are apparent. If these symptoms appear in the instructor, class may be cancelled.
  16. If a participant is asked to leave due to possible illness, a refund will be issued if they attended less than half of the class. Refunds will not be issued if the participant attended more than half of the duration of the class. Refunds will be issued in the event of a class cancellation.
  17. Face masks are encouraged, but not required, as they do restrict one’s ability to breathe fully, which is an essential aspect of the yoga practice unless ACT Community restrictions apply.

Note: A face covering means a mask or other covering that fits securely around the face and covers the nose and mouth to provide the wearer with protection against infection. A scarf or bandana is not a face mask. 



It is important that we all do our part to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Ticking the box on registration indicates that you have read, understand and will adhere to these protocols as reasonably possible. I encourage you to contact me directly if at any point you feel concerned about your safety before, during or after class.




Attending any activity requires you to comply with the following COVID safe protocols:

– not participating if unwell

– practicing good hand and respiratory hygiene

– maintaining social distancing where possible

The safety of everyone is our highest priority.

Keep safe,