5 Creative Ways to use Flower Essences

As you probably know, the most traditional way to take flower essences is orally by placing several drops of the essence under the tongue. This traditional method of using flower essences is both powerful and effective, however it is not the only way to use the essences.

Sometimes we need to shake things up, try something new, and tap into our creativity. The same goes for using flower essences. Of course, using flower essences in the traditional manner is highly effective, but there are plenty of other powerful, exciting ways to harness the power of flower essences.

1. Add flower essences to your tea, juice and smoothies.

Put a twist on tradition by adding a few drops of flower essences to your favorite juice or smoothie. If you enjoy taking flower essence orally, adding them to your juices and smoothies is a great way to stick close to what feels comfortable while getting a little adventurous.
This method is especially great for children. Use a few drops of  essence in your child’s morning juice for a nurturing, soothing start to the day.

2. Soak in your favorite essences by adding them to your bath water.

Don’t simply take flower essence internally when you could be soaking your entire body in flower essence goodness. Add a sensual spin on your flower essence routine. Light some candles, grab a good book, and settle in for a soothing soak.
For a sensual sensation, add some drops of bluebell for self-love.

3. Mix essences into your favorite lotions and creams.

What is one thing that almost every person does at least once a day? Moisturize. Whether it’s hands, feet, face, or the entire body, many of us moisturize at some point throughout the day. Most of us even have a favorite lotion, oil, or cream that refreshes, nourishes, and soothes our skin. Try adding drops of flower essences to your moisturizer of choice for a new way to use flower essences without even switching up your daily routine!

4. Use as a spray

Swap out the chemical-laden perfumes for a luscious spritz of your favorite flower essences and add a few drops of  your most-loved essential oils, some water, and spritz away. Or how about adding some to your lavender or rose hydrofoil and after cleansing, spritz your face, body, clothes, home, office, and car. Go spritz crazy!

5. Activate your chakra with flower essences.

A great DIY, at-home chakra alternative! Drop a few drops of flower essences onto chakra points and massage in a circular motion. This application of flower essences not only harnesses the healing power of the essences, but the healing power of the ayurvedic practice of self-massage!

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