19 Easy ways to raise your vibration NOW!!

What is vibration? According to Cassandra Sturdy,

Your vibration is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you.

  1. Meditate – Try this quick loving kindness meditation – close your eyes, place two fingers in your heart center. Move your thoughts to your breath. Start by inhaling deeply, by expanding the belly as much as you can, then slowly exhaling, bringing the belly slowly towards your spine. Do this for a count of 5. Then think of someone or some thing that makes you happy. Stay with this thought. Keep this thought. Now slowly bring your attention back to your breath. Long deep inhalations, slow exhalations. Bring your thought back to your heart center. Now open your eyes. By practicing this quick meditation, you will see how you quickly attract positive energy towards you. See ULCA website for some other great mindful-meditations.
  2. Spend time in nature – whether it’s a walk, gardening, or running your feet through the sand.
  3. Eat organic raw food. Raw, unprocessed foods have more nutrition and increase your energy and help raise your spiritual vibration.
  4. Have a tech detox – put that phone down, close the tv. See how your mind starts to slowly wind down instead of being cluttered with information.
  5. Be grateful – Making a gratitude list. Before bed, write 5 things each day that you are grateful for. Focus on the positive, let the glass be half full instead of half empty.
  6. Practice daily affirmations. Our thoughts precede our emotions and behaviours. Recite mantras that encourage self-compassion.
  7. Forgive and let go – Treat yourself kindly, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Forgive yourself and others. We are constantly holding onto things from our past and this tends to weigh heavily on our souls. The more blocks we clear, the more we can align with our true self.
  8. Face your fears – see them as an opportunity to spiritually evolve.
  9. Build a precious community– surround yourself with positive people. You need the support and love from people around you to stay motivated and on track.
  10. Smile at a stranger – smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning and naturally raises your vibration.
  11. Get creative – switch from your right brain to left. Paint, draw, sculp. Have fun with an adult colouring book.
  12. Take an Epsom salt bath – good for detoxification, muscle relaxation and clearing the aura the power of epsom salts baths.
  13. Move – Get your blood pumping. Exercise. Do something to get the endorphins flowing.
  14. Practice acts of kindness – giving to someone else (without expecting anything in return) shifts your thinking and raises your vibration. donate to a cause.
  15. Find something beautiful and appreciate it – stop and appreciate the world around you; a flower in the garden, a pillow, nature, etc
  16. Read inspiring quotes – Quotes are a great reminder of not only how the Law of attraction works, but to appreciate the important things in life. They can help you feel better, make you smile, make you laugh, here are 70 quotes to raise your vibration.
  17. Breathe – take a deep breath. The extra oxygen will energise you, calm you and help you connect to Universal energy.
  18. Hug someone – Hugs get oxytocin flowing in your body. They calm your nervous system, lower your stress levels, boost your immune system and make you feel better.
  19. Listen to music – music quickly shifts your vibrational frequency to a higher level. Music recorded at 528hz has been shown to resonate with the power of love, peace and health. John Lennon used it to record his song Imagine.

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